Hi Blog

I love Radio 1 right now.

The Killers – Mr Brightside followed by Jamie T- If You Got The Money ❤

I’m really really tired. You know that way when your eyes get realllll heavy and start to feel stingy ? I wish I could go for a nap but I should be studying. I have my first exam tomorrow, not sure how I feel about it. I’ve studied way more than I would have last semester but still nowhere near enough. My head is just in the clouds today though, maybe a nap would be best ?

I get the keys to my first flat tomorrow and I am unbelievablyyyy excited! I can’t wait to just … not constantly have to tell my parents what I’m doing/where I’m going/who I’m with.  I’m moving in with my friend from work, Dawn. At first I was a bit apprehensive about this because in comparison to all my other friends, I don’t know her thattt well but I’ve now realised that that will probably make things easier. Really she’s just exactly the kind of person you want to move in with in general. She’s laid back but has no issues telling you if she has a problem. She also treats everyone the way she likes to be treated which is the perfect attitude to have.

I’ve made this blog just to have somewhere where I can say everything I’m thinking without worrying about how anyone I know reading it will react but still get the satisfaction of positing something.

Jennifer x